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Rest Day Preference
4 rest days per month
Date of Birth
01/11/1966 (age: 53 yrs)
Place of Birth
155 cm / 60 kg
Marital Status
Single Parent
1 (age 28 years old)
High School (10~12 yrs)
Language Skill
English (Excellent, 0 yrs)
& Experience
Care for Infant/Children   19 yr 7 mo
Care for Elderly   -
Care for Disabled   -
General Housework   19 yr 11 mo
Cooking   19 yr 11 mo
Other Information
Able to handle pork?
Able to eat pork?
Able to handle beef?
Able to care dog/cat?
Able to do gardening work?
Able to do simple sewing?
Willing to wash car?
Working Experience
Singapore 19 yr 11 mo
Maid Introduction

BERNICE has been working experience in Singapore for morethan 19 years. She is matured,hard working and independent helper. She can do her job without supervision and can follow employer's instruction.

Her over all duties were baby/child care and general household chores like cleaning huge house, cooking and marketing.

First employer has 4 years experience with Chinese/Malaysian family October 1993 to March 1997 with 2 months old baby & 5 years old children.

Next by a American Family March 1997 to February 1999 with 9 months old baby and two young children ages 6 & 9.

Next she moved to New Zealander family February 1999 to December 2001 with 2 children ages 12 & 14 living in a 4 storey house. Next British Family with two adults and two teenager aged 14 & 16. In 2005 she worked for different expatriates family employer commented to her " Bernice main duties here were grocery shopping, preparing shopping lists, cooking, taking care of our baby who is 14 months old, cleaning, ironing and other chores, basically, she managed our household for us. During her service with us, she performed her duties to our complete satifaction, hence we highly recommend her ". She can cook variety of Chinese & Western food.

She was then employed by few employers and worked  for short period.

May 10 2008-July 27 2010 Family is Australian/Dutch  of 2 adults with new born baby. They we're living in Condo flat. Her employer commented to her " This is to certify that Ms. Bernice Pasag has worked for us as domestic helper since May 2008,since we will be travelling to Indonesia regularly over the forthcoming years due to work assignments we have decided to look for am Indonesian helper who could assists us during our family travel to Indonesia.

Ms. Bernice Pasa's main duties here were grocery shopping,preparing shopping list,cooking,taking care of our baby Lauren who is 14 months old,cleaning,ironing and other chores basically,she managed our household for us.

During her service with us she performed her duties to our complete satisfaction,hence we highly recommend her.

August 13 2010-July 16 2012  She was then employed by British/Irish couple with one child aged 1 and 1/2 year old. Her daily duties were looking after the child,keeping the house clean and tidy,washing and ironing of clothes,food planning and grocery shopping. Her employer commented to her " I would like to confirm that Bernice Pasag worked for us and her main duties were household chores (cleaning and laundry),shopping,cooking and helping with our ypung son who was 18 months old when she arrived in Singapore and 3.5 years old when we left.

She is hard working,honest,reliavble,loyal and trustworthy. She has warm,bubbly and fun personality and is a pleasure to have in the home.

Bernice strenght is looking after children and she follows routines excellently. She has proved herself not only be caring and gentle but alos extremely sensible. She has a great deal of common sense and sound judgement. Bernice formed a very close bond with our son and he thought a lot of her. She understands,speaks and writes English well and she can easily follow recipes. She's a great asset and we'd have no hesitation in hiring  her again recommending her as potential employee.

She worked for a Australian/Portugese family from July 16 2012-January 28 2013. She took care of 6 months old baby. Sterilized the feeding bottles, prepare formula milk, changed diaper, bathe baby and put to bed. Aside from taking care of the baby she did were  general household chores like cleaning the house, ironing, washing clothes, grocery shopping and cooking.

In her previous employer she employed for New Zealander from February 28 2013-December 11 2014 family consisting of 3 children living in a 6th storey house. Her main duties to keep the huge house clean and tidy, washing and ironin clothes, marketing and cooking. Her employer commented to her " Bernice Pasag started working for our family in Fe. 2013. She has a very busy job as we have 3 children ages 15,13 and 11 plus i run a jewelry company.

Bernice helps me with all the domestic work. Cooking,baking,general household chores and alos helps me with jewelry stock. She organises this very efficiently.

Bernice is very good with children and has very nice manner with them.

She keeps a very tidy house abnd is excellent at washing and ironing. She takes a lot of pride in herself and i can trust her explicity. We wish her the best with her future and happiness.

She was then  employed for American family since December 11 2014-April 01 2016 comprises 2 adults and 3 children aged 7, 9 and 17 years. They living in a big condominium house. Her duties were keeping the house spotless, laundry done. Her employer are delighted with her sumptuous meals. She makes cottage pie, pizza, potato gratin, spaghetti carbonara, bolognese, lasagna, braised pork, roasted chicken, quiche lorraine, beef stew and some Filipino and Chinese delicacies. Her employer quoted "Bernice is reliable helper. She executes her tasks with motivation and takes ownership of what she is doing." She can follow receipe books excellently.

April 09 2016-October 13 2018  She served Australian couple with three grown up kids and currently studying overseas. They were living in 2 storey landed house, her main duty is genereal household chores,cooking,preparing meals and looking after 1 small dog where she feed,bathe and bring outside for a walk 2 times a day. Employer commented to her " " Bernice  has been our helper for a 2 year period commencing April 2016. Bernice's key duties have been cooking,cleaning and marketing. Bernice is an honest and has performed all her duties adequately. We wish her the best for the future.

October 13 2018-November 30 2018  Employer is American couple with three kids ages 13,10 and 8 years old residing at 4 storey landed house. Her duties were general house work,cooking and preparing meals for the family and taking care of 1 big dog where she feed and bring outside for a walk twice a day. Reason for transfer is she cannot handle the job.

November 30 2018-till date She's currently working for Chinese single lady occupying 2 storey Condo flat. Her main priority is to look after 2 big dogs,she feed,bathe and bring outside for a walk twice a day followed by general household chores,food planning and grocery shopping.

She is available for personal interview and seeking for new employment. 

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